Bright Pebbles – An anthology of Shetland writing.

White Below – Writing on Shetland’s fishing history.

Mailboats – a collaborative project involving poets and visual artists from Orkney and Shetland.

Artists and poets were paired randomly.

Each artist made a flotation device to contain a poem.

The poems were launched from a fishing boat off Skerries in Shetland.

Working the Map

Sponsored by RSPB, Orkney Nature Festival and Cape Farewell, “Working the Map” is an anthology of writings, poems and illustrations about islanders in a changing environment.

It includes conversations with farmers and fishermen as well as essays by naturalists and archival observations.

The drawings for this publication were done as a visual diary in a small handmade sketchbook crafted by Fiona Cumming.

The book includes poems by Morag MacInnes, Yvonne Gray and Pamela Beasant.

Children’s books

Peerie Boat – Children’s story in dialect.

Ellie an da Sail Needle – Children’s story by Iris Sandison.

Mystery at Da Laird’s Haa – An adventure story by Bjorn Sandison with drawings by John Cumming.

Collaborations with Poets

Alias Isobel – an Orkney narrative.

Poems by Morag MacInnes.

Treeds – Poems by Laureen Johnson.

Joy o Creation – Poems by Stella Sutherland.

Le Testament – Co-edited with Mark Ryan Smith.

Reflections – Collaborative work with poet Yvonne Gray; a collection of poems and drawings from the landscape of Ootertoon, near Stromness.

The publication is dedicated to the late Sylvia Wishart.

I really enjoyed the variety of different voices, the reminiscences, and the creative meditations in this handsomely-produced book, superbly illustrated by John Cumming, and anyone with an interest in nature, the environment, Orkney (and Shetland, for there are a few Shetland voices and references as well) would, I am certain, do likewise.

— Jim Mainland

Available to buy in Stromness Books and Prints, the Shetland Times Bookshop and other good bookshops.