Drawing & Prints

Pierowall. Collograph.
Micro drawing. Silverpoint and watercolour
Fram. Gouache, silverpoint and graphite
Belemnites lino print
Bollard watercolour
Hare. Ink drawing
Char. Watercolour
Hairst. Lino print and chine colle
Life-raft and drogue
Moder 2. Silverpoint and gouache 3140
Moder dy 2. Graphite
Moder dy 3. Silverpoint and gouache
Moder Dy. Graphite
moder, silverpoint and gouache 4141
North Rona
Pillow stone 2. Collagraphic print
Pillow Stone. Embossed collagraph
Raised beach. Indian ink
Schiltron. Pen and wash
Schiltron. Gouache drawing
Shiants. Collagraphic print
Stone pillow. Collagraph
Swan 2. Watercolour
Swan. Watercolour
Vole. Ink drawing
Wigeon. Charcoal
Wigeon. Graphite