Cumming has illustrated and written for a number of Shetland and Scottish publications. A collection of catalogues and publications is listed below.

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Collaborations with Poets:

Alias Isobel - Poems by Morag MacInnesTreeds - Poems by Laureen JohnsonJoy o Creation - Poems by Stella SutherlandLe Testament - Co-edited with Mark Ryan Smith

Reflections - poems by Yvonne Gray“Reflections” is a collaborative work with poet Yvonne Gray; a collection of poems and drawings from the landscape of Ootertoon, near Stromness. The publication is dedicated to the late Sylvia Wishart.



Children’s Books:

Peerie Boat - Children's story in dialectEllie an da Sail Needle - Children's story by Iris SandisonMystery at Da Laird's Haa - An adventure story by Bjorn Sandison with drawings by John Cumming


Bright Pebbles - An anthology of Shetland writingWhite Below - Writing on Shetlands fishing history

Mailboats - Catalogue for Hansel project“Mailboats” was a collaborative project involving poets and visual artists from Orkney and Shetland. Artists and poets were paired randomly. Each artist made a flotation device to contain a poem. The poems were launched from a fishing boat off Skerries in Shetland.


Working the Map - An anthology of writings, poems and illustrations about islanders in a changing environmentWorking the Map
Sponsored by RSPB, Orkney Nature Festival and Cape Farewell, “Working the Map” is an anthology of writings, poems and illustrations about islanders in a changing environment. It includes conversations with farmers and fishermen as well as essays by naturalists and archival observations. The drawings for this publication were done as a visual diary in a small handmade sketchbook crafted by Fiona Cumming. The book includes poems by Morag MacInnes, Yvonne Gray and Pamela Beasant.

I really enjoyed the variety of different voices, the reminiscences, and the creative meditations in this handsomely-produced book, superbly illustrated by John Cumming, and anyone with an interest in nature, the environment, Orkney (and Shetland, for there are a few Shetland voices and references as well) would, I am certain, do likewise.
Jim Mainland

Available to buy in Stromness Books and Prints, the Shetland Times Bookshop and other good bookshops.